Rank Ballot Election Calculator
by Kevin Venzke [Home]

A calculator to compare a lot of methods at once, without resolution details.

Methods described elsewhere on the site
/cce - CCE suggested winners (i.e. candidates who could win under any of the several methods suggested)
/cond - the WV Condorcet methods
/lnharm - Adjusted Condorcet Plurality (ACP), Chain Runoff, DSC, FPP, IFPP, IRV, MMPO, RUE FPP, Top-Two Runoff
/misc - Approval Elimination Runoff (AER), Bucklin, CdlA, DAC, IBIFA, Iterated Bucklin, King of the Hill, MAMPO, no elimination IRV (type 1), QLTD

Other methods

Enter your ballots like this, one per line:
456: Alice>Bob>Carl=Debra
or equivalently to the above:
456: Alice>Bob
The number represents the size of the voting bloc. Decimals are OK. The size can also be left off and it will then be randomized.
Note that this calculator does allow equal ranking above the bottom, but not every method is supported in this case. With some methods, equal ranking is allowed only below the top rank.
Candidate names can contain spaces. Each candidate in the list should be separated by > or =. Pipes (i.e. |) and any series of > will be interpreted as single >s. Not every candidate needs to be listed; candidates present on the ballots but missing from one faction's ranking will be interpreted as ranked tied for last, below any explicitly ranked candidates.

Click submit to generate an analysis.

Enter the ballots for an election:

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