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This is the election methods website of Kevin Venzke. The content is mostly theory, and mostly related to single-winner rank ballot methods. I hope readers will find it interesting, with a number of things to experiment with.

I follow the election-methods mailing list. Read it from the beginning here.

Method calculators:
Rank Ballot Election Calculator 🧩 – results for 40+ methods, of all sorts, without resolution details.
Condorcet Calculator – demonstrating the main Condorcet methods using winning votes.
Later-No-Harm Method Calculator – an exhibition of the methods satisfying Douglas Woodall's Later-no-harm property.
Miscellaneous Method Calculator – some nice methods satisfying neither Condorcet nor Later-no-harm.
Condorcet Compromise Extension – a proposal extending Condorcet in line with a typical motivating argument for Condorcet.

Experiments and concepts:
Yee Diagram Generator 🧩 – make images with colorful win regions given various voter behavior.
Simulating truncation strategies 🧩 – a graphical simulation for 50+ methods, with many options.
Can IIA survive strategic voting? 🧩 – a spin-off of the above, on introducing an additional candidate into a scenario.
Condorcet Cycle Checker – a tool for method designers concerned about favorite betrayal.
Who is the median voter? – speculations on identifying this hypothetical voter from cast votes.

Multi-winner methods:
STV Calculator – a multi-winner PR-STV tool with some helpful resolution details.
STV in an issue space – a color scatter plot with various controls.
Finding the center-most voters – a possibility of incentivizing a group to identify their ideological center.

Historical content:
Election methods and criteria – My webpage from 2005, content left as is, except for some 2023 commentary in square brackets where I couldn't help myself.

🧩 – indicates support for writing your own methods.

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