STV Calculator
by Kevin Venzke [Home]

An implementation of proportional representation via the Single Transferable Vote (STV or PR-STV) using the Droop quota. Results are depicted in several ways to explain the outcome.

Wikipedia example
The Wikipedia page on STV contains the below example which you could use as a test:
3: Orange>Pear
8: Pear>Strawberry>Cake
1: Strawberry>Orange>Pear
3: Cake>Chocolate
1: Chocolate>Cake>Hamburger
4: Hamburger>Chicken
3: Chicken>Chocolate>Hamburger

Enter your ballots like this, one per line:
456: Alice>Bob>Carl=Debra
or equivalently to the above:
456: Alice>Bob
The number represents the size of the voting bloc. Decimals are not recommended because the Droop quota is a whole number, meant to accommodate a whole number of voters. The size can also be left off and it will then be randomized.
Candidate names can contain spaces. Each candidate in the list should be separated by > or =. Pipes (i.e. |) and any series of > will be interpreted as single >s. Not every candidate needs to be listed; candidates present on the ballots but missing from one faction's ranking will be interpreted as ranked tied for last, below any explicitly ranked candidates.

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